speaker highlights

Laurabeth Messimer spoke of her organization GI Josie, which provides support and non-traditional therapy for female vets suffering from PTSD and sexual assault. She told of her personal motivation to start the organization. One in five victims file abuse reports and less than 10% receive justice. Types of therapy include canine, equine, art, music, and surfing. Her goal is to raise enough funds to have a residential ranch in the  Monterey area. For now, roughly 12 clients meet for therapies, but there is no residential center. She gave an impassioned description of the suffering these vets endure, and the need for such a service was clearly outlined, as there is no other such service offered in the country. For more info go to 
We also had a red badge bio from Nicholas Welzenbach. He spoke of fun family trips with his 4 siblings growing up in Kansas, his closeness and appreciation for his parents, wife Kendall and 2 kids. He was previously an Antioch Rotarian and was sponsored by Andrew Howard. He currently works at Darling-Fischer Funeral Home in Los Gatos. Welcome Nicholas!


  • Avis distributed donation boxes at each table for the Polio drive. Last year there were 12 cases worldwide, so it is not quite yet eradicated.
  • Rebuild Together volunteer coordinator Dave Downing gave his final announcement before the big work day Saturday.
  • The membership committee was thanked by President Suzanne for a job well done at a recent new member meeting.
  • The Fall Fundraiser tickets to "The Last Jedi" went on sale before the meeting. Tickets can be bought at next week's meeting and online from our website.
  • John Pencer auctioned off symphony tickets donated by Avis.
  • Save the Date was announced for the Crabfest, a major fundraiser: Saturday January 27, 2018.