Meeting Notes from Dec 11, 2018

Mike Norcia led the pledge.

Ron Smith shared some inspiration – “Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me.”
~ Carol Burnett

We had a wonderful Christmas performance by the RJ Fisher Middle School choir. The “Sing” acapella choir brought lots of holiday cheer to the club meeting this week as they sang several Christmas carols and left our club feeling festive & full of joy.

Announcements –
  • Patti V. announced that tickets are now on sale for the CrabFest for $65 each. After January 10 th the price increases to $70 each. Tickets may be purchased online through our club website. Click here for more details! CrabFest will take place on Saturday January 26 th , 2019 at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Saratoga.
  • John Pencer announced we are still looking for Auciton Items
  • Lisa C. announced the need for basket items for the Silient Auction
  • Tina requested volunteers to help with running the food stations at the CrabFest
  • Amy requested volunteers to help pass around the CrabFest flyers to the community
  • A special thank you to Tom Dodge for driving in this year’s Christmas Parade
  • A warm thank you to the Pencer’s for hosting a wonderful 1st Thursday holiday happy hour at their home
  • John Pencer announced we will vote on next year’s officers next week

New Fischer principal Matthew Baldwin and his district staff visited our club for Tuesday's meeting.

We also had our monthly birthday table. Andrea Lee announced all of our Rotarian December birthdays.