Meeting Notes from Dec 18, 2018

Dick K. led the Pledge

Doug B. introduced the guests and visitors.

Andrew H. shared his experience at the leadership seminar, a day long seminar, for the district, 5170, on Saturday, December 15th at Los Gatos Lodge. One of the interesting topics that Andrew shared was the study of “The Mother Theresa Effect”. Based on the study, levels of immunoglobulin of the participants were elevated after watching a video of mother Theresa carrying out act of kindness.
“People are intrinsically altruistic and volunteering is a helplessness antidote." Andrew H.

  • Rotary Gear for Sale
  • Thank you Gregg B. for walking in the Parade with Eli.
  • Rod H. announced a new unique fellowship Opportunity, “Silicon Valley Rotary Means Business.” The first meeting will be held on January 24th, 2019 at 6:00 pm. They will be meting monthly on the 4th Thursday at 6:00 pm. The signup sheet was passed out.
  • Judy R. gave an update on the Family Giving Tree. It was the best year ever for generosity and diligence for getting the gifts back on time. The less fortunate children of Santa Clara County are going to have a very special season. We fulfilled 100 gift cards; 46 toys, 21 sports items, 9 items clothing, and 24 others — the club celebrated by delicious homemade cookies.
  • Patti gave updates on CrabFest. The event is on Jan 26th and the reduced fee is $65. Jan 8th, next rotary meeting, is the last day for donating gifts/sponsorships. She requested the club members to donate a bottle of wine. Click here to purchase your tickets!

John P. announced the next officers and directors.
The club voted for:
Treasurer: Ed B.
Assistant Treasurer: Dan S.
Secretary: Andrew S.
Sergeant-at-Arm: Gregg B.
Scholarship Committee: Janice G.
Investment Committee: John P.
Directors: Carole A., Michelle N., Henry V.
Vice President: Amy P.
President Elect: 2020-2021: Judy R.

Diane B., Scuba Instructor for disable children, received her Red Badge.

Lisa N. C. received her Blue Badge.

Alan Howard shared his experience when he traveled to the Equator in Amazon. It started as a pleasure but then he learned about the people and their flight with the oil companies to maintain their life. “ To whom much was given much was expected.”  Luke 12:48

Guest Speaker
Chia Kawahara, lives in Santa Clara, author of Midori Haus: Transformation from Old House to Green Future with the passive house, has a BA in economics from the university of Hawaii and MBA from San Francisco State. She shared Watch Bill’s story, “ I realized my house was making my family sick..”. She covered opportunities at energy, air, and water intersection to improve living condition and to make it greener.
Energy and water intersection:
Improving Water heater, pipe architecture, and not using the garbage disposal
Energy and Air intersection:
Blower Door test, Air seal, and Heat Recovery Ventilator
Air and Water intersection:
Open window, lemon Pledge test, and Air purifier

Ending quote:
“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”
Jim Rohn