The pledge was led by Marty F., who begins his year as President next week.
Guests were introduced by Nicholas W.
  • Dan S.’s daughter Elizabeth
  • President Andrew H. introduced children Olive, Grant, Evelyn, and Jack. Once he was tactfully reminded, he introduced wife Georgia as someone who needs no introduction.
  • Visitor and potential new member Jeff B.
  • Doug B.’s wife Marjory
  • Potential new member Frank B.
  • Anna Maria R. from Saratoga Rotary
Leroy N. led inspiration by relating his recent trip celebrating the D-Day anniversary in Normandy. He expressed his appreciation for all branches of the military.
David K. presented a club flag he exchanged while visiting a Rotary Club in Granada.
We Care announcements
  • Rodg G. is in outpatient rehab and would appreciate a visit or call
  • Irene U. was in the hospital for over a month, after a complication from an appendix procedure
John P. announced he just returned from 2 weeks in Germany on business and pleasure. At a Rotary meeting there, an all-male club had an annual job fair for 90 teens. He donated $50 to The Rotary Charities Foundation. He also wants John C. to pay a fine for butt dialing him at 1:30am.
The Family BBQ is this Friday at 5pm at Oak Meadow Park. BYOB and a side dish to share. Setup help is needed at 4:00.
Suzanne B.-G. announced the Roast and Toast is on June 25. Get your tickets now!
The Board meeting is next Thursday at 5:00pm, to allow for those attending Suzanne’s Seniors of Distinction award presentation. See attached flyer for info. Congrats Suzanne!
This Saturday at 10:30 at the LG Civic Center is the unveiling of the Veteran’s Memorial. Mike F. has spearheaded this 7 year effort, and he says the event will be full of pageantry and food and entertainment. Special speaker will be HR McMaster, former US National Security Advisor.
Evelyn H., President Andrew’s daughter presented her school project on poverty in Malawi. She explained how her parents had sponsored children from there, and she chose to sponsor her own child as a birthday gift. She has led an effort with her mother and friends to raise  $1400 for clean water there thru a 6k. She effectively illustrated the crushing effects of poverty, and that we may take our comforts for granted. President A. donated $50 to the Rotary Foundation to celebrate her efforts.
Megan B. gave her Red Badge Bio. She has  a husband Rob (21 years) that has car dealerships, and 2 kids (Univ. of Aberdeen Scotland, U Oregon). Born in So Cal, she studied at Cal Poly in Bioscience and Marine Sciences, working at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant and Lockheed. She was then a stay at home mom where she led significant volunteer efforts in the 3 Home and School Clubs, Parcel taxes/Bonds, and Little League. She’s a new empty nester, and loves to travel with her family. Also a giant Giants fan, even in this tough season.
Mike F. introduced the speaker Tracey Marino from Fisher House, which is a home away from home for families while vets receive treatment at VA Palo Alto and Stanford. Fisher House had significant support since 2006 from LG Rotary, including members Lloyd G. and Ray C. 80% of furnishings were provided by LG Rotary. The average stay is 10 days, but some stay up to 18 months. There is a stocked kitchen and LG Rotary provides Christmas gift cards. Lisa N.-C. has led an effort to provide home cooked meals there. Tracey invited members to come by for a tour at any time. There are 41 family suites that serve 50 families/month. Tracey expressed her gratitude for all our club does for Fisher House Palo Alto.