At Darling Fisher Los Gatos
Meghan Burton opened the meeting at 12:30 and thanked everyone for our flexibility handling the last second change to a new venue. She then led the flag salute.
John Pencer’s inspiration was actually an important PSA on sunscreens. Only 57% of people over 55 years old use sunscreen but everyone should- no matter our skin color or type. Sun damages  skin. Use SPF 50 broad spectrum A&B. Beware of false SPF labeling. He shared a Consumer Report test that ranked Coppertone Waterbabies as the best rated with the best protection- it's not just for kids. He also recommends the third top ranked sunscreen spray: Trader Joe's sunscreen spray. Protect yourself this summer!



  • Sonja Tappan, the executive director of LPEF, joined us once again.
  • Sergio Michel introduced his son, Joshua Michel, who is on the student board for JW House. 
  • Paul Johnson introduced Jenny Anderson, former band teacher and now assistant principal at Fisher Middle School.
  • Rich Briones, husband of Karen Briones and the Chief Medical Officer at Good Samaritan Hospital, visited today.
  • Nicholas Welzenbach introduced Cary Wilson.

The hard boiled eggs for the homeless this week celebrated the NBA finals.
Lissa Kreisler and Jeff Blum were our Rotarians in the Wild - in Tel Aviv in Israel


Happy Birthday to Don Kuehn, Eric Eberle, Ed Bowen, Marie Rector, Haryl Pascal, David Wells, Lisa Cheskin, and Sid Madiwale. 
Rotary anniversaries this month range from Jenna Mittleman at 1 year to Tom Boyce at 28 years. Meghan wondered how Andrew Howard could be a member for 18 years- did he join when he was 10?


Our next First Tuesday Happy Hour is on July 2 at the Cheskin home to honor our brand spanking new president Doug Brent. Please do not bring any food this time. They will provide everything to eat.


Come and celebrate Meghan! Our annual party to pass the baton from one president to the next, otherwise known as the Roast and Toast, will be Tue June 25 at 5:30 at Darling Fisher Campbell. (There will be no lunch meeting that day).
It’s a casual event. Wear San Francisco Giants attire if you can. It’s only $10 per person, which covers the taco truck and all drinks. Please RSVP to Mike Norcia.
He also needs volunteers to help set up at 3:30 that day or to help clean up afterwards, so contact him if you are willing.
Meghan let us know we now have a club code of conduct as well as an official complaint process.
Adam Mayer presented our Centennial Project park plans to the Parks and Rec department yesterday and they approved it. Next week on Tuesday we will present at the Town Council for final approval. Come and show your support!

Henry Vitkovich and Terri Trotter reported on our scholarships. 
We gave away an unprecedented $50K this year, and increased our largest scholarships to $3k, up from $2k.
Art Beddeson, a former member who recently passed away, bequeathed $50K to our scholarship foundation, pushing it over $2M! We are so grateful to Art and his family.
Henry and Terri interviewed many students and were very impressed with their interest in service, social justice, the environment, and so much more.
Henry mentioned three Leigh students, as a sampling:
  • Young man from Leigh with 4.2 GPA, going to Emory University, and involved in Interact and RYLA
  • Young woman with 4.4 GPA, with 354 hours of community service. She had multiple tragedies and challenges at home but still shined.
  • Young woman involved in Operation Smile, with a high GPA, one of 6 kids adopted and raised by her grandparents who live on social security, and she was in the foster system before that. She said her ticket out is education and we know our scholarship will help.
We are so proud of these kids!

Elaine Ware received her red badge from her husband Ramon Ware.


30 for 30

  • Tom Picraux reminds us that next Thu 6/20 there is a meeting to gather input from the community on what we want for the new Los Gatos Community Center. 
  • Gregg Butterfield thanked Michelle Myers Nelson, Randy Cobb, Kathie Benko, Russel Couch, Doug Brent, Nicholas Welzenbach, and all those who helped us pivot on a dime to set up the meeting today.
  • John Pencer is celebrating 50 years of marriage! Congratulations!
  • Nicholas Welzenbach is hosting free lunch and bocce at Campo di Bocce Wednesday 6/12 to talk about end of life planning. Anyone is invited.



Dr Kristine Borrison, Medical Director at Los Olives
She has 4000 baby deliveries and 500 robotics surgeries under her belt.
We may be familiar with minimally invasive surgery and robotic assisted surgery, but the past 10 years has seen a huge improvement in more advanced and precise robotic surgery options for more types of surgeries.
The DaVinci system and ION system (both made by Intuitive in Sunnyvale) are robotic systems for the abdominal and chest area, usually where more invasive surgeries happen.
The DaVinci robot:
  • Completely directed by the surgeon 
  • You can google DaVinci origami or DaVinci grape video to see it in action - safe to do while eating your lunch!
  • For the doctor, it gives improved visualization, better control and precision, and better ergonomics. 
  • For the patient, it results in less pain, a smaller incision, less blood loss and fewer blood transfusions, decreased chance of infections, fewer complications, a shorter length of stay in hospital, and a faster recovery.  The procedure does take longer in the OR though. 
  • This method is now used on cardiac surgery, colorectal, gynecological, head and neck, thoracic surgery, urologic  surgery, and general surgery. They performed 600 of these surgeries at Good Samaritan Hospital last year.
ION robot - 
  • Newer platform of the two 
  • Specifically for biopsy of the peripheral lung- to get those hard to get areas in the branches. Where usually patients would be told to wait and monitor because they couldn’t get to them, now doctors can access and biopsy and remove lesions in one procedure, making it faster to treat cancer.
Why are we learning this? If patients are aware we can ask for them- we can advocate for ourselves.