The major program for today was recognition of Los Gatos Rotary Club scholarship award winners.
Introductions and inspiration
Hal R. welcomed club guests:
  • Henry V. introduced his wife Mary Jane
  • Mike N. introduced his guest: grandmother of Rotary Scholarship recipient Nick N….not to mention Mike’s mom
  • Don M. introduced his wife Beverly
  • Dan S. introduced his guests Jenny and Kent L.
By way of impromptu inspiration, president Andrew H. invited Channy to speak. She is a former scholarship recipient, and currently an engineer and business owner. Since English is not her native language, a member of the community helped her apply for a scholarship when she thought a scholarship was not really possible. She received two: One from the Elks club and another from a local church. While these scholarships weren’t financially huge, they really changed her self-perception, and made an impact on her that both changed her life, and will impact future generations in her family.
Dan S. provided the formal inspiration. A student from Williams reached out to Dan, and Dan met with him during this past week. The student initially wanted to find out how Dan got into finance, but instead they had a wide-ranging conversation about the world and current issues. Dan encouraged all of the accomplished students present to excel in their upcoming schoolwork, but also to connect to the world around them.
Club Announcements
Gae L. announced that First Thursday will be held at Flights Los Gatos this week on June 7th from 5PM-7PM. Happy hour prices may only be available until 6PM. We will gather outside in the patio area. Come on down!
Andrew S. reminded us that the family BBQ is next Friday, June 14th at Oak Meadow park starting at 5PM. Sign up to bring a side/desert, and BYOB. The railroad and carousel will be open. Buy a ticket at next week’s meeting, or contact Andrew.
Tony J. reminded us that the Roast and Toast is coming up on the 25th of June. This dinner event at Villa Ragusa in Campbell will recognize the contributions of our president and others in a fun and funny format. Please buy the $75 ticket and join the club from 6PM to 9PM for the event. Remember that this special event is a little dressy: ties and jackets for men and similar attire for women. Get your tickets at an upcoming meeting, or contact Tony.
Andrea L. announced the Rotarians with June Birthdays: Ed B., Lisa C., Erik E., Don K, Harald P. and George H. Happy Birthday Rotarians!
Grady J. led the program to recognize the 20 scholarship recipients from Los Gatos Rotary Foundation.
Our club has been operational for 90 years, and the scholarship program has existed for a long time. Still, Grady identified 1998 as a turning point that really put the scholarship program on a sustainable long-term footing with the establishment of the Scholarship Foundation. While many were involved in this, Grady specifically praised John C. for his leadership role in making the foundation happen. A result of this good work is that the 2019 scholarship awards will total more than $41,000 and that all of that money comes from earnings on a fund that is added to each year from our major fundraising events.
Grady then reviewed some highlights regarding the scholarship recipients. He identified two key areas of commonality among all of the 20 winners: Diversity and significant accomplishment.
Of the twenty recipients:
  • Thirteen have a language other than english as a primary language at home, with nine different languages spoken by one or more recipients.  One winner is fluent in five languages, and another in four.
  • Many of the winners have seen different parts of the world. They attended schools in Moscow, Switzerland, and Belgium. Several have done public service projects in Mexico, Central America and beyond.
  • Some winners worked as many as three jobs simultaneously, with 28+ hours of work per week while maintaining a high standard of coursework.
  • Sixteen of the twenty have a GPA over 4, one at 4.65.
  • Eight of the recipients participate in Rotary Interact.
  • Outside of school work, their interesting avocations range from a drum major, piano performers (one at Carnegie Hall!), a Los Gatos youth citizen of the year winner,the first  Youth Ambassador for the Lucille Packard Foundation, Eagle Scouts, and someone who started a math and science tutoring business.
This is an accomplished, mature and impressive group! They individually expressed gratitude for the recognition and financial contribution that the Rotary Scholarship means to them.
With about 30%(!) of the recipients going to UC Berkeley, Cal booster Mike N. donated $100 to the scholarship fund in recognition of the scholarship winners, which was then seconded by Hal R. for another $100.
President Andrew H. also recognized Grady J. for three years of service on this important Rotary committee.
Red Badge Bio - Erika B.
Erika gave a presentation covering her life and work background. And, we got to see pictures of her ranging from a newborn through today. Erica also thanked Marlon S. for his help and sponsorship.
Some of the points Erika made:
  • She was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and fondly remembers the Skyline Chili there. In 1999, Erika moved to California

  • She graduated from Miami University (Miami, Ohio)...not that other “Miami”...University of Miami in Florida.
  • Erika is currently Executive Direct at Youth Science Institute with a track record of youth development at several organizations including the Y and other non-profits.
  • Three things to know about Erika: she works out every day (cutting down from two gym memberships to one), she loves binge watching Netflix, Hulu, Prime and the like, and she cares for her 15 year old cat, pumpkin.


President Andrew H. formally adjourned the meeting.