Meeting Notes from Nov 27, 2018

Don M. led the pledge

Gae introduced visiting Rotarian Brenda D. from the San Jose Downtown club

Al R. introduced his wife, Lydia

John P. introduced his son Matt, who was celebrating his birthday.

Ron S. shared some inspiration

We watched a video honoring Ed Bowen for receiving the 2018 John D Crummey Red Triangle Award from the YMCA Silicon Valley. Ed was recognized for 49 years of service and remarkable generosity. The video highlighted the work Ed has done with the Y, particularly his work on improvements to Camp Campbell. Congratulations Ed!

  • Tina O.H. reminded us this is the last chance to sign up for the President’s Brunch which is being held on December 2nd. Over 100 people have signed up, we’re all looking forward to a good time.
  • Judy R. announced this is our last chance to get a tag from the Family Giving Tree. She thanked us for the great response she has had so far. Gifts can be returned on Sunday, at the President’s Brunch, at the first Thursday event being held at John P.’s house or Monday-Friday at Julian R.’s office 985 University Avenue, #37, Los Gatos. If you are unable to shop, Judy will do it for you. She has completed shopping for everyone who has donated up to this point. December 11 is the last day to turn in gifts.
  • Nominating committee ballots were passed out.
  • Bill P. got his blue badge
  • Patti V. told us the club donated 1,800 diapers, 1,800 wipes and $280 to Sunday Friends. They were very thankful.
  • The Los Gatos Christmas Parade is this Saturday December 1. Let Amy know if you would like to walk with us.

Maddie reminded us that the first Thursday this month is a holiday event at John P.’s house. Address is available by contacting John. The event is December 6 from 5-7. John and Devonne will be providing baked ham and a meatball casserole. Hors d’ouvres and wine provided by guests will be welcomed. Tony J. mentioned seeing John’s house decorated for the holidays is something we should all see!
Mike N. thanked everyone for coming out to the movie Fantastic Beasts. It was a great event. We hosted two families from Ronald MacDonald House. We raised $4,500 for RMH.

Mike gave special notice to the following:
  • Amy P. who did publicity and coordinated with RMH.
  • Tina O.H. who was the “hammer” in getting signups.
  • Dan S. for handling the money.

Twenty for Twenty:
  • Dan S. gave for Tina’s new nickname “The Hammer”.
  • Leroy N. in honor of Ed receiving the Red Triangle Award.
  • John C. donated $50 to the scholarship fund in honor of Ed and his award.
  • Tony J. donated $100 to the general fund to celebrate his health issues being behind him.
  • Tina had a great time at the district event. She suggested everyone try to come to one of the events.

Erik E. introduced our speaker Matt Morley, Director of Parks and Public Works for the town of Los Gatos. Matt spoke to us about some of the things going on in town. He gave us a detailed explanation of what happened to the bridge on Blossom Hill Road. The bridge was hit by an oversized vehicle on 17 hitting the overpass and a girder was damaged. He explained how it was repaired and of course, who will pay for it.

Matt also spoke about beach traffic and some of the options being considered to help mitigate the impact on the town. Parking was also discussed as well as the North 40 and the impact on traffic. Matt also told us that the General Plan 2040 is going to be starting when the 2020 plan expires. An advisory committee will be formed they will want input from residents. We were invited to go to to give feedback. At the end of the presentation he took questions on a variety of subjects. He was thanked for the town completing the Almond Grove street repairs ahead of schedule and under budget.

Nominating committee election results: John P., Mike N., Andrew S., Judy R., and Henry V. will serve as the committee for the upcoming board.

Remember NO meeting Tuesday, December 4.

December 11 Lauren Diaz and Fisher Choir will be visiting our club. Enjoy the talented youth at RJ Fisher and help us get into the holiday spirit!