Meeting Notes from Oct 2, 2018

Judy led today's meeting. Andrew was not present. Tony led us in the pledge. 

Mandy introduced visitors and guests. There were no visiting Rotarians. There were two guests. Eric B. - a guest of Andrew but whom was introduced by Tony in Andrew’s absence. Eric has submitted his application for membership. In addition, Jack C. brought his wife Fran. 

Ron Smith gave inspiration quote. 

Avis gave Greg G. his award for being a donor to the rotary foundation. 

Suzanne reminded everyone about volunteering for Rebuilding Together this month. We have 12 volunteers signed up so far but need more. Click here for more info and to sign up! We are also looking for car rides for interact kids who will be volunteering for this event. We are welcome to invite friends and family to volunteer as well. This year the event will be called Rebuild Rotary Day because six clubs are volunteering this year. 

Birthday table members were announced for those with birthdays in October. David accompanied us on the piano for singing, “Happy Birthday”. 

Gae reminded everyone of First Thursday this week at Number One Broadway. They are still looking for a few more appetizers. We are also looking for someone to offer their home for November First Thursday.

Marty reminded everyone of Avenues of Service which is also this Thursday.

There were (3) 20 for 20 participants. Patty celebrated her husband’s birthday in Las Vegas, Doug B. celebrated becoming a new member of the club 7 days ago. Judy shared a story about her grandson.

Andrew S. then introduced our speaker, James M. - Executive Director of Sunday Friends - one of the organizations our club supports. Their mission is to help local families break the cycle of poverty by equipping parents to invest in breaking the cycle.

Eric let us know that Leo has been discharged from the hospital and is in rehab and would love visitors.

Judy ended with an inspirational quote.