Meeting Notes from Oct 23, 2018

Marshall S. led us in the Pledge.  Henry V. introduced a visiting San Jose Rotarian, and visitors/prospective new members David H. and Erik B., both guests of Andrew Howard. Al R.’s wife Lydia was also a guest.

Tom B. and Wes S. announced a We Care item: to everyone’s surprise Tony J. underwent heart surgery a couple weeks ago and is healing well, hopefully soon to return to meetings! The whole room was shocked but happy to hear recovery is going well. We miss you Tony!

Patti V. announced today is the last day of the Sunday Friends diaper drive. She will deliver the diapers plus cash and checks next Monday afternoon to the Sunday Friends store. See her if you’d like to help her and Maddie S. deliver. Grand total and pictures to be shared soon.

Lisa C. announced the Fisher House dinner activity 10/26. Click here for details and see Lisa if you’d like to help serve the food.

Tom B,. announced the Annual President’s Brunch will be at La Rinconada Country Club Sunday 12/2 at 10am. The festive event will be $55/person, and will feature the acclaimed choir that entertained us last year.

Suzanne B. presented details on the Rebuild Together project coming up on Oct. 27. If you’ve signed up you will get an email from Suzanne with all the parking details, what to wear, etc.

Marty F.  gave a presentation on World Polio Day: 10/24/18. He explained the importance of 100% elimination, what countries that have difficulties reaching that goal, and Rotary’s history in helping make this happen. It will be an historical day when 100% eradication is reached, and we are sooo close, as was explained in an inspiring celebrity-filled video. There were only 8 cases worldwide in 2015, down from 350,000 cases a few decades ago. Go to to hear a live stream of World Polio Day events. Club Secretary Andrew S. further inspired us by giving an impressive and humorous Power Point presentation on his trip to India in January to help fellow Rotarians administer inoculations. (I see a bright future in Power Point consulting?) Thank you Andrew for your service.

Our main speaker was introduced by Al R. Dr. Anh-Quan Nguyen, cardiologist at PAMF, is affiliated with many local hospitals. He spoke on Modern Approaches to Treating Heart Disease. He explained the development and current use of catheter techniques and other life saving devices. He discussed Atrial Fibrillation and stroke, and the left atrial appendage Watchman device. (Editor’s note: The Watchman evolved from early patents from the late 90’s by Erik V., husband of Rotarian Patti v. First prototypes were built in their Sunnyvale garage). He discussed the evolution of open heart surgery and artificial hearts. Next steps in cardiology treatments include prevention, drug coated stents that last longer, statins that reduce heart attacks, mitral valve treatment and better meds. The presentation was punctuated with animated flames and other humorous touches…quite engaging.

Next week’s speaker is Jabali Smith, author on human trafficking.