Upon the suggestion of Mike F., the meeting opened with a moment of silence for those who perished on September 11th, 2001.

Three visiting Rotarians attended the meeting - Kuman S. from India, Kohinoor C. from the Los Gatos Morning Rotary (and West Valley Community Services), and Josh S. from the Cupertino Rotary Club (and West Valley Community Services). There were also three other non-rotary guests - David H. (a Netflix employee and neighbor of Andrew Howard's), David H. (teacher at Los Gatos High School), and Radhika B. (who has submitted her application to become a Los Gatos Rotarian).

The club will be promoted at an upcoming Spring event entitled, "Spring on the Green". See Dick for more details.

There is a club golf outing planned in October. Details to follow.

Tina O. announced that next Tuesday, September 18, is the club's quarterly event to make a meal at the St. Luke's Church soup kitchen on University Ave Los Gatos at 9:45am. Tina signed up members to volunteer to bring needed items. Everyone is welcome to come and help serve.

Andrew H. read a thank you note from a Los Gatos Rotary scholarship recipient named, Thomas, in which Thomas indicated that he will be going to Cal Poly in the Fall and paying his own way.  As such, Thomas expressed his deep gratitude for the scholarship that will relieve some of his financial burden. 

Dave H. presented a summary of two college students in Kenya who are being financially supported by students at Los Gatos High School and, in part, by the Los Gatos Rotary. Both student will be graduating soon and have honored their commitments to those here who have supported them by maintaining academic excellence throughout their college tenures.

Josh S. from West Valley Community Services (WVCS) expressed his gratitude to Los Gatos Rotary for their grant and providing volunteers for their hugely successful Back to School shopping event for 180 underprivileged students in Kohl's in Campbell this August. Josh also informed the club of WVCS's Chefs of Compassion Gala coming up on September 28th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Two bio presentations were given - David D. (red badge), and Grady J. (rotary veteran). Andrew Stearn will give a bio at a later date.