Hugh Allen provides a brief summary of what it means to be a Los Gatos Rotarian.
What are you doing to make your community a better place to live? Your Time, Talent and a little Treasure will produce so much. Plant your seeds and count the yield of your success! What would Los Gatos be without, to name a few: 1. The Billy Jones Railroad, organized and purchased under the leadership of a Rotarian? 2. The Carousel, acquired and moved to Oak Meadow Park for the children of Los Gatos? 3. The streets of Los Gatos and their trees? 4. Charity funds raised with the Great Race and Annual Crab Feed? 5. Partcipation in the worldwide elimination of polio? 6. Every year's support for our Boy Scout Troop and, or course, all the Los Gatos High School scholarships awarded? 7. Improvements made to the Los Gatos High School campus? 8. The Time, Talent and a little Treasure provided by a Los Gatos Rotarian has made the Second Harvest Food Bank of San Jose one of renown? What are you now doing for your community? Sow those seeds and the yield could be bountiful!