Meeting Notes from Nov 20, 2018

The Pledge was led by Leroy N.

Guests were introduced by new Rotarian Brent. Kam N. had a friend Harry S. visiting.

Marty and Wes recently triumphantly returned from their Seeing Again Guatemala trip, where their team of 11 treated 275 patients and performed 75 procedures. Cinematographer Wes is making a presentation to share with us soon.

Carol A. returned from a trip to Malta and brought a flag from their Rotary club.

Tom B. announced the highly anticipated President’s Brunch attendance is up to a record 98 people, and if you haven’t decided yet, to get off the fence!

Judy R. announce details of our annual Family Giving Tree. Pick up a gift tag or 2 at the next meeting, or donate cash or check and she will do the shopping.

Maddie S. announced details of First Thursday Dec 6 at the Pencer’s festively decorated home. Don’t miss it. Click on flyer below for more details.

President Andrew thanked Rotarians for participating in the movie night last week benefitting the Ronald McDonald House. More details on funds raised coming soon.

New Rotarian David H. received his Red Badge from President Andrew, his sponsor. Hi wife and 2 kids were in attendance, and his daughter boldly answered a question from Andrew in an exaggerated southern accent, in honor of her father’s heritage…hilarious budding comedian! David is already active in his neighborhood and school communities and is a Senior Research Scientist at Netflix. Welcome David!

President Andrew announced the Charities Foundation made a proposal and the Board approved to change the allocation of dividends and interest from the Foundation. A third will go each to current projects, global initiatives, and the growing principal.

It was announced that due to the devastating Camp Fire, our club’s Foundation will be making a donation to the Paradise Rotary Foundation.

The Nominating Process was started for by Secretary Andrew S. for next year’s officers. Each attending Rotarian submitted 1 name secretly. Here are the details:
As part of appointing our officers and directors for next year, our bylaws require us to select a nominating committee. Today, we completed phase 1 and now have a list of 10 individuals who will be voted on next meeting to become the nominating committee. Those 10 people are:
  • John Pencer
  • Ed Stahl
  • Greg Goman
  • Andrew Stearns
  • John Colwell
  • Judy Rodriguez
  • Henry Vitkovich
  • Haryl Pascal
  • Mike Norcia
  • Ron Cassell
You will be able to vote for up to 5 individuals to form the nominating committee next Tuesday.

A letter was read from our Rebuild Together recipient Louisa. She graciously thanked the whole crew and was clearly touched by our efforts.

Today’s speaker was introduced by friend Gordon L.
Roy Cosyn was a high tech Engineer turned Historian. His engaging talk was titled The Noble Experiment: A Short History of Prohibition. He explained that before Prohibition, alcohol taxes funded 70% of the federal budget. Many leaders of the movement, including many women, were highlighted. Carry Nation was mentioned, namesake of our fine local establishment. She was from Kansas and her husband was an alcoholic. And she carried an ax to help get the job done! Captains of industry (Dupont, Ford, Rockefeller) were initially for it due to workplace accidents from drinking on the job, a common occurrence. Finally Amendment 18 was enacted in 1920. There was a 1500 person task force headed by a woman to enforce the law, but there was abundant alcohol available in speakeasies and underground bootlegging. There was even a large market for medicinal prescriptions foralcohol. Eventually the Amendment and was the only one to be repealed, in 1933, due largely to the  country wanting the tax it generated.

President Andrew closed the meeting thanking our club members and wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving.